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This Glass Navigation Display Will Make You A Safer Driver

This is super helpful! Simplemost Shop 2018-07-18 If you’ve ever felt a little nervous trying to peer at a tiny phone screen for directions and try to get a view of what’s going on at the road up ahead, you’re right to: driving distracted isn’t only dangerous, in some states it’s illegal. You can avoid

These Custom Star Maps Make The World’s Cutest Gifts

Simplemost Shop 2018-07-18 For special moments in our life like weddings, birthdays, and graduations, we always find ourselves immortalizing the event with countless photos and videos. But sometimes, life-changing moments need more than just snaps. How about commemorating them with the stars instead? Strellas Personalized Star Maps replicate the exact map of the night sky

This Hand-Held Grape Tomato Slicer Is A Must-Have Kitchen Tool

Food & Recipes This makes chopping small fruits and vegetables much easier! Simplemost Shop 2018-07-18 Grapes and cherry tomatoes are a great addition to salads, but slicing them has to be one of the more annoying tasks we’ve come across in the kitchen. They’re not the easiest things to chop, as they seem to always