How to Treat Overly Heavy Periods in a Natural Way

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Menstrual disorders are common for many women who suffer from pain, alterations in the regularity, lack of periods, or heavy periods.

If you are part of this group, then we offer you a natural treatment to help you.

How do I know if my periods are too heavy?

Heavy periods, also known as menorrhagia, consist of periods in which more than 80 ml of blood is lost. However, for most women it is difficult to get an idea of ​​how much that is with this data.

One way to measure the amount is to use the menstrual cup, an ecological, natural and very economical method. It is an alternative to products made from synthetic fibers, that is, pads and tampons.

The menstrual cup is made of plastic and allows us to see how many cups we fill in each cycle. In this way, we can check to see if we have periods that are too heavy.

Periods that are too heavy last more than 8 or 10 days in terms of temporality, or they force us to use more than 8 daily pads, since they can be long, intense or both.

It is also considered that periods that are too heavy are those whose amount makes it difficult for the person to follow their daily routine. This may mean that you suffer from amenorrhea.

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Are they serious?

The menstrual period is different in each woman, so it is important that we learn to know what our body is like. There are long, short, heavy or scarce menstruations.

Although it is true that in some cycles, we may have less or more abundance of flow, in general, it is easy to know our cycles and detect irregularities.

When irregularities are constant or exceed normal values, or are accompanied by other symptoms such as pain or inflammation, it is advisable to go to the gynecologist.

Periods that are too heavy do not have to be a severe complication, although they do tend to cause anemia due to iron loss, fatigue, and other discomfort.

If the medical specialist has ruled out any pathology, we can try this natural treatment to improve our quality of life.

Natural treatment

To treat periods that are too heavy, can be progressively normalized with the following natural treatment.

Medicinal plants

Cup of herbal tea

Medicinal plants allow us to make infusions to drink throughout the day, throughout the month or from the week before the arrival of the period.

We can combine them or alternate them to observe the effects they produce in our body. It will also help us to know all its properties to choose the ones that can help us the most:

  • Aquilea or yarrow. It calms irritability, anxiety, and reduces bleeding.
  • Sage. One of the best medicinal plants for women’s disorders.
  • Calendula. The calendula flower has many healthy properties, among for which it stands out as a hormonal regulator.
  • Chinese angelica or dong quai. It reduces pain and balances menstrual cramps and pains.
  • Nettle. Nettle is very beneficial for the skin and hair, eliminates toxins, fights anemia and reduces excessively heavy periods.
  • Gentian. Ideal for heavy periods, it is a very depurative plant.
  • Horse tail. Reduces menstrual bleeding and combats fluid retention.

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Vegetable oils

Oils of vegetable origin that are extracted from the first cold pressure are rich in essential fatty acids very beneficial for women’s health. To balance the menstrual cycle we recommend the following:

  • Evening primrose oil. This oil is an excellent hormonal regulator rich in omega 6 essential fatty acids. It is also very beneficial for the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Borage oil. This oil has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and hormone regulating effects.

Trace elements

Trace elements are the mineral elements present in our body in very small quantities, but they fulfill essential functions in our health.

By taking them to the same extent, the trace elements get very positive effects without side effects.

The trace element manganese is very beneficial for frequent and heavy periods. We can take it seasonally and take breaks every so often.

Bach flowers

Bach flowers

Bach flowers are floral essences that help us to treat physical and emotional disorders in an integral way, balancing energy levels without any risk to our health.

In menstrual irregularities, the walnut flower can be very useful, as it facilitates the adaptation to menstrual cycles, as well as to emotional or lifestyle changes.

We will place 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day for at least three weeks.


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How to Treat Overly Heavy Periods in a Natural Way

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