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6 Tips to Help You Prevent a Stroke – Step To Health

There are many healthy habits that can help prevent a stroke. Although this disease can appear from factors that are out of your control, a healthy lifestyle is the determining factor to reduce your risk the best. A stroke occurs when something interrupts or reduces the blood flow to your brain. By cutting off the

8 Bad Habits that Affect Your Hair Health – Step To Health

If you want strong and shiny hair, remember several care tips that go beyond the use of certain products. Although the treatments we’ll share with you can help revitalize your hair health, your lifestyle can also have an impact on how it looks. There are certain habits that can cause severe deterioration because they lead

Finding the Perfect Time to Quit Smoking

When it comes to finding the perfect time to quit smoking, choose a moment that will help make it a once-and-for-all decision and lower your risk of relapse. The perfect time to quit smoking is now. However, there are certain situations or life circumstances that may make it better to wait until they change. Since

How To Reach Later Life In Good Health

Reaching later life in good health is not impossible. You simply need to start certain good habits from now on. The earlier we adopt good habits, the more chance we have of preventing the potential future consequences of bad decisions in the past. Many people don’t think about the fact that one day they will reach

Study: Young Women Are More Likely To Get Lung Cancer Than Men

Disease & Illness Historically, men have been more likely to develop lung cancer than women—here’s why that’s changing. CNN 2018-05-25 Getty Images | Koichi Kamoshida Historically, men have been more likely to develop lung cancer than women in the United States, but new research indicates that this sex-based trend has flipped, with the greatest shift