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Skin Spots and What Causes Them – Step To Health

Do you suffer from skin spots? To understand what skin spots are and where they come from, first we’ll have to look at what your skin is. Skin is the largest organ in your body and it covers it completely. It fulfills many functions, some of which are that it: Protects your from infections, Regulates your

Four Amazing Exfoliants Made with Brown Sugar

Does your skin look dull and feel like it needs some pampering? In that case, try some of the following exfoliants made with brown sugar. Sugar is one of the most used ingredients when it comes to making exfoliants because it is easy on sensitive skin, including our face. Also, it easily eliminates any kind

Body Exfoliants for Dry Skin – Step To Health

Homemade body exfoliants, unlike commercial ones, are very beneficial for your skin, especially if your skin is dry. The combination of clay, mud and salts has incredible qualities and cleans deeply, giving beauty and elasticity to your skin. To get rid of toxins, it is best to use items such as grape seeds, strawberry seeds,

6 Body Exfoliants Made with Rice – Step To Health

Rice is one of the most consumed foods throughout the world. Plus, it’s the second most produced grain. Actually, there are countless different uses for rice. However, in the wide world of aesthetics, this grain is extremely useful when it comes to helping with the care and regeneration of the layers that make up your skin.