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6 Homemade Flea Repellents You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have

Have you tried any of these natural solutions with your pet? Margeaux Baulch Klein 2018-06-22 Flickr | jonkriz If you’re searching for a homemade, non-toxic flea repellent option for your dog, you probably have good reason. Perhaps you’re concerned about the adverse side effects of chewable prescription flea medications like Bravecto or Nexgard, side effects

Is It Safe To Drive With A Dog In Your Truck Bed?

Dog owners, you’ll want to read this! Bridget Sharkey 2018-06-05 Getty, Mario Tama We all know that it is not safe (or legal in many states) for children to ride in the back of pickup trucks. But what about man’s best friend? Is it okay to let your pup ride in the bed of a