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7 Homemade Treatments to Combat Frizzy Hair

Take a look at these 7 homemade treatments to fight frizzy hair simply and naturally.  Why do I have frizzy hair? Your hair can get frizzy for several reasons. In most cases, it happens due to a combination of dry hair along, using products that damage hair fibers and humidity. Although many products promise to eliminate frizz,

Get Beautiful Hair with These 5 Rosemary Remedies

 Why should you take care of your hair? Hair care is a big deal because it has a big impact on your appearance. Therefore, many people have healthy hair at the top of their list. However, the condition of your hair and scalp can be a problem. For example, dandruff and hair fungus might mean

10 Reasons that Might Explain Your Excessive Hair Loss

Hair goes through different phases: it grows, absorbs nutrients and, after time, it falls out in order to make room for new hair. In this process, it’s normal to lose up to 100 stands of hair a day. What’s not normal, however, is excessive hair loss that significantly reduces hair volume. Those who suffer from hair

Scientists Just Stumbled On A Possible Cure For Baldness

This could be a huge relief for millions of people. Chelsea Davis 2018-05-23 Adobe While it’s true that everyone loses hair (an average person loses around 50-100 hairs every day!), we all know that balding is a sensitive topic to discuss with those experiencing it. Aside from the obvious issue of physically losing hair, baldness can

Egg and Beer Treatment for Silky and Healthy Hair – Step To Health

Our hair is exposed to a number of traumas that can cause dryness, weakness and excessive hair loss.  We care about keeping our hair clean and shiny. However, continuous sun exposure, the use of heat appliances and some chemical products can cause serious damage. In this article, you’ll learn about treatments for silky and healthy