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30 Sets Of Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related

Celebrities & Pop Culture Who knew the Duchess of Cambridge and Dakota Fanning were distant relatives? Augusta Statz 2018-06-21 Getty Images Some related celebrities are pretty obvious: the Olsen twins, Venus and Serena Williams, the Hanson brothers (yes, remember Hanson?). But there are other famous folks with equally famous relatives you may not believe are

30 Celebrities Who Were Adopted As Kids

Celebrities & Pop Culture Did you know Faith Hill and Steve Jobs were adopted? Clint Davis 2018-06-08 Getty Images / Collage: Simplemost Adoption isn’t quite as common as you may think. Despite the fact that more than one-third of all Americans have given thought to adopting a child, only about 2 percent have actually done

30 Of The Shortest Celebrity Marriages Of All Time

Celebrities & Pop Culture Several of these unions didn’t last more than a few weeks! Marie Rossiter 2018-05-22 Getty Images | Jason Merritt We all love the glitz, the glamour and the romance of a celebrity wedding. However, life in the spotlight can be a challenge for famous couples, whether both of them are in