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Broccoli Coffee Is The Latest Food Trend People Are Buzzing About

Would you try a ‘broccolatte?’ Margeaux Baulch Klein 2018-07-12 CSIRO / Hort Innovation First, avocado coffee was introduced to the world. Then, for a brief blip of time, carrot lattes were a trend. Now, people are buzzing about broccoli coffee. While Starbucks and other U.S.-based coffee makers are trying to wow customers with sugary coffee

5 Tricks to Be Happy and Healthy During Menopause

Many women grieve when they turn forty….not to mention when they experience the first symptoms of menopause! Naturally, this is a process that every woman experiences and that doesn’t have to be traumatic. In fact, you can be happy and healthy during menopause. When thinking about menopause, most women become overwhelmed. This is mainly because

7 Facts All Coffee Lovers Should Know

Do you love coffee and always restrain yourself from drinking more because you think it’s bad for you? Well, read these facts all coffee lovers should know. 1. Boosts brain activity Coffee boosts brain activity, i.e. it helps the brain put more attention on the task being done. This drink can improve people’s concentration, speed up their reactions, etc. Likewise,