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Georgia Grandmother Killed Bobcat With Bare Hands After Being Attacked

“My first thought [was] not today! I wasn’t dying today.” CNN 2018-06-19 Getty Images | John Moore DeDe Phillips’ first thought when a bobcat attacked in her driveway in Georgia was “I wasn’t dying today,” she says. As the large feline clawed her, the adrenaline kicked in and she decided to strangle it, she says.

7 First Aid Mistakes You Might Be Making

Find out why you should never put butter on a burn! Brittany Anas 2018-06-04 Getty Images | Mario Tama Summertime means pool days, bike rides, picnics and the occasional scraped knee, bee sting or sprained ankle. It’s probably been a long time since you earned your first aid badge in Girl Scouts, so it’s high