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The Final Days of the Lincoln Conspirators

A mere 4 days after Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox, John Wilkes Booth set out to finish the job that he and his conspirators had planned: to assassinate President Lincoln from inside his viewing box at the Ford Theater. The nation mourned Lincoln’s death heavily and the penalties for

The Trip to India That Made Jackie Kennedy a Legend

From riding elephants to teaching people how to do the Twist, Jackie Kennedy’s Goodwill visit to India and Pakistyan in March of 1962 secured her image as a fun-loving and gracious international diplomat. Everywhere she went in India crowds were adoring and her wardrobe for the trip, simple yet extremely fashionable, was scrutinized as some

Alexander Graham Bell’s Curious Late in Life Hobby

The patent for the telephone, filed in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, completely changed the world. It wasn’t long before telephones were a common sight in offices and in some homes. But, late in life the inquisitive inventor would seek out another interesting project with which to experiment: human flight. Unlike his contemporaries in this