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5 Recommendations to Remove Earwax – Step to Health

Many people consider earwax to be unhygienic; however, as with other secretions of the body, this substance plays a protective role. Earwax is a cleaning agent that is responsible for lubricating the ear canal to protect against the attack of bacteria, fungi or insects. Under normal conditions, the cells that produce it facilitate its expulsion

The 8 Most Common Mistakes When Washing Dishes

Although we think that, when we clean, our kitchen is free of bacteria, in many cases that is not the truth. It is not just the sponge in our sink that is full of germs, but there are many other mistakes when washing dishes that we make that cause too much residue and spread germs. The

Do You Know What’s Growing On Your Kitchen Towel?

Cleaning & Organization The results of this new study might gross you out, especially if you cook a lot of meat in your house. CNN 2018-06-11 Adobe Ever wonder how much bacteria is growing on your kitchen towel? A new study suggests that it may be a lot, and that the amount increases with family