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8 Ways to Use Old Tires – Step To Health

Old tires are items that have a lot of potential. It all depends on your ingenuity and ability to imagine what they could become. Tires are made of a resistant material (elastic polymer) more commonly known as “rubber.” Therefore, although they might be worn out and not usable for vehicles anymore, old tires can still be

5 Simple Crafts Made with Foamy

Foam paper is a fun material to make simple crafts with many advantages and uses.  Generally, it’s used to make crafts for children, but it is also used to make centerpieces, decorations in schools and other places. Foam paper is very easy to use, so you can even do various crafts without even using glue.

Reuse Old Shirts for These Surprising Crafts – Step To Health

Creative women find a new use for any disposable thing that they see in a house. Clothes, in this case, can be an excellent alternative. Reuse old shirts and make these useful crafts with the following tips. How many times have we been deeply upset that a shirt doesn’t fit us anymore or it’s worn

How To Make Cute Flowers Out Of Coffee Filters

These are adorable! Hello, spring! Carina Wolff 2018-05-13 Arts and crafts don’t have to be expensive, especially when you use items you already have at home. And if you’re a coffee drinker, you can even use coffee filters (if you can stand to spare a few). Whether you’re looking to create some quick home decor