These Are The 14 TV Shows That Have Been Canceled In 2018 So Far

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Bummer! Did some of your favorites get cut?

It’s only May, but quite a few TV shows have already been canceled this year. This past week, in fact, saw cult favorite “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” canceled, to the very vocal dismay of much of the internet. Thankfully, after getting cut from Fox, NBC picked it up. Others have not been so lucky — at least not yet.

Here are 14 shows that have been canceled in 2018. Check out the list to see if your most-watched programs made the cut:

1. “The Last Man On Earth”

Fox went on a TV show-slashing spree, adding “The Last Man On Earth” to its list of canceled programming.

20th Century Fox

2. “Homeland”

After eight seasons, “Homeland” is not scheduled to be picked up for another season.

IMDB / Jo Jo Whilden / SHOWTIME

3. “Quantico”

Three seasons in, the show starring Priyanka Chopra will not be renewed by ABC again.

IMDB / Photo by Giovanni Rufino/ABC

4. “New Girl”

Zooey Deschanel will no longer brighten your lives in the role of Jess, as the “New Girl” series is coming to an end after seven seasons. But we knew this was coming.

20th Century Fox

5. “Shades Of Blue”

The show starring Jennifer Lopez will no longer air on NBC.


6. “Taken”

The TV series inspired by the Liam Neeson “Taken” movies will not continue.


7. “The Fosters”

After five seasons, “The Fosters” will not be picked up again by Freeform.


8. “Life Sentence”

Lucy Hale’s TV debut following her run on “Pretty Little Liars” will not make it past the first season on the CW.


9. “Disjointed”

This show starring Kathy Bates lasted for just one season on Netflix.

IMDB / Photo by Patrick Wymore/Netflix

10. “Scandal”

The beloved “Scandal” aired its season finale on April 19. Thankfully, “How To Get Away With Murder” was renewed, so “Scandal” fans can continue to watch the drama unfold on Thursday nights.


11. “Transparent”

This Amazon show surrounding a dysfunctional family and its secrets will end after its fifth season.

IMDB / Photo by Jennifer Clasen / Amazon Studios

12. “Great News”

The show Tina Fey produced got the axe after two seasons.


13. Marvel’s “Inhumans”

Marvel’s “Inhumans” was canceled by ABC but, on the bright side, Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” was officially renewed.


14. “Kevin (Probably) Saves The World”

This show about an average Joe who’s given a mission to save the world will not continue past its first season.


We’ll have to say goodbye to these shows — but there are plenty of shows that were renewed we can still look forward to. The TV watching must go on!

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These Are The 14 TV Shows That Have Been Canceled In 2018 So Far

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