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Having a seductive personality is very helpful. Easily connecting with people and having an attractive personality is very important in the society we live in today.

Although some people are jealous of this kind of personality, it certainly has many advantages.

What is a big disadvantage?

The disadvantage of a seductive personality type is that you must be born with it, and you can’t really acquire it later on as a new personality.

We all develop our own personality, and they all have their advantages. However, today we’ll look into this specific personality type to get to know it a little deeper.

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The Seductive Personality Has Excellent Language Control

Someone that has a seductive personality has an important characteristic that lets him or her easily relate to others: great control over language.

Clear, assertive language that doesn’t forget about non-verbal communication. 

As we know, what we communicate with gestures and our voice (intonation, volume) contains a higher percentage of the message than the actual words we say (only 7%).

A person with a seductive personality is coherent. What they say and express through their non-verbal communication is the same. This way, they communicate effectively and without falling into contradictions.

However, in addition to all of this, the control of language is so high that it prevents hesitation. When we hesitate, we make people doubt what it is that we’re trying to communicate.

Additionally, if you have this kind of personality, you’re more trustworthy and make people feel safe. If you need to make a decision, you do not hesitate.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have doubts, just that you confront them in a wise way.

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Interacting with Others in a Healthy Way

Interacting with Others in a Healthy Way

People with a seductive personality know how to get along with others in a healthy way. That’s why, in addition to generally being extroverted, they communicate what they think and feel without holding anything in.

Additionally, they do all of this in a respectful, but still assertive, manner. They know how to say what’s bothering them without hurting the other person.

In fact, when they find themselves in a conflict due to differing opinions, their priority is to find a consensus. 

Negotiating, respecting other’s opinions, valuing what others also think… All of this leads to great results.

Perhaps this outgoing behavior works in their favor.

However, seduction should not be confused with manipulation. In this case, the seductive personality isn’t trying to manipulate anyone at any time.

This would only cause pain, toxic relationships, problems, intimidation, insistence when it’s time to make a collective decision… None of this has anything to do with people that have seductive personalities.

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Do You Have a Seductive Personality?

Do You Have a Seductive Personality?

If you identify yourself with the traits we mentioned or if you have ever felt that you possess this kind of personality, then you know very well that you can also be characterized as:

  • You always see the best in people. What you propose for any project or have to say in front of a crowd always turns out magnificent.
  • You don’t have social anxiety, since you love to interact and meet new people, especially those that bring on new challenges with respect to effective communication.
  • Other people usually admire the way that you are.
  • You attract people without trying. Even if you’re surrounded by people you don’t know, making friends with them doesn’t take very long.

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Having a seductive personality has many advantages, above all with guiding your relationships with others.

If you have this personality, enjoy it! If you have it but have repressed or hidden it, it’s time that it sees daylight again. At the end of the day, you are who you are.


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Do You Have a Seductive Personality? – Step To Health

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