The Truth About What These Celebrities Were Like Back At School Will Shock You

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If you were anything like me as a kid, you will be looking back through your photos of your younger more awkward stage of life and wondering at what point it all turned around. The braces, the cliques and the awful haircut (that my mum assured me looked just like Lizzie McGuire’s) were all part of growing up.
At least I wasn’t alone – Reddit have just announced a new thread revealing what today’s A-list stars were like back in their school days. Refreshingly they seem to have shared similar struggles to the rest of us, which is always good to hear.
Former school teachers, friends and even nannys have written their thoughts on what it was like to have the now-divas as a child, but they’re not all gold-stars. Now I know we all think that celebrities were coddled out of the womb onto a piece of red carpet where they were then fed from a golden spoon – but here’s the news: THEY WERE JUST LIKE US. Perhaps they are a slightly more good-looking, better talented version of us, but nonetheless most of them all started out the same way.
Was DiCaprio such a heartthrob then too? Was Steve Jobs an absolute whizz with a crayon? What about Kurt Cobain, was he full of angst in the classroom? Read the list from Reddit’s thread below to find out.
1. Leonardo DiCaprio
“Leonardo DiCaprio—didn’t get along well with the other kids, came in during lunch to eat with the teachers and faculty.”
2. Mariah Carey
“Mariah was a bit of a diva, and was not terribly interested in learning the trade of hair and makeup. Wanted to sing instead. I guess that worked out.”
“My mom said she went to high school with Mariah. She told me that Mariah was two years older and was actually a bully (no surprise). She was a total diva. My mom found out that Mariah would get up really early for school to get ready. She said she would take a needle to her eyelashes so each one was straight and perfect.”
3. Kanye West 
“My mom taught Kanye West’s Music Theory class in high school. She said he insisted he would one day be a famous rapper, and that he was a decent student but sometimes a bit stubborn. Overall not that noticeable, although he did like free styling”
“He was a very nice, smart, and respectful young man.”
4. Steve Jobs
“My Dad went to middle school with Steve Jobs. He never had a class with Jobs, but he did hear stuff about him and saw him sometimes. My Dad told me that Jobs really didn’t have any friends and was bullied. Part of that was because he brought it on himself by being an asshole sometimes, but Jobs was just kinda awkward socially and maybe didn’t know better. He was the kind of guy who would live in his basement until 40.”
Are these what you had expected, or did it shock you to know that Steve Jobs went from being a nobody to one of the world’s most famous men of the 21st century? If you want to see if Bieber was naughty or good click onto the next page.
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The Truth About What These Celebrities Were Like Back At School Will Shock You

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