10 Reasons Why You Wish You’d Never Moved Out Of Your Parents’ House

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Does the idea of moving into the real world fill with you utter dread? Of course it does. Unfortunately we all reach the age at some point where we have to get ‘proper jobs.’ At this time it’s no longer acceptable to sit in our pyjamas for three days straight, spending every waking moment watching back-to-back episodes of ‘Breaking Bad,’ while living on a diet of super noodles and takeout food. Although admittedly some of us still do this.
A big part of growing up involves packing up your things, waving goodbye to your childhood bedroom and moving into your own place. It seems like a great idea at the time, it seems like the right thing to do. But then as you slowly become suffocated by student loans, bills and way too much laundry, you soon realise that you took your prior life for granted. You are obviously at the age when it is not acceptable to live with your mum or dad, but God damn it you wish you could.
If you’re sitting there thinking that you couldn’t imagine anything worse than moving back in with your parents, maybe you’ll feel a little differently after this.
1. You never had to do laundry.
Now there’s a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of your room that is higher than Everest.
2. Bills suck.
It’s not until you move out that you realise that there is a bill for EVERYTHING – like paying to use the TV that YOU bought and for your poo to be taken away.
3. Home-cooked food. 
There is nothing worse than coming in after a long day, looking in your fridge at this week’s questionable leftovers and resorting to yet another tin of something. No matter how good of a cook you are, you’ll never be able to rustle up something in the same way your parents did.
Single leftover container on refrigerator shelf
4. You actually had heating back then. 
I know that not all families are fans of switching on the heating when it gets a little nippy. But I can assure you that it happens a hell of a lot more then, compared to when you move out, because you are probably broke as f*ck.
5. REAL booze. 
Gone are the days where you could wander into the pantry and pull out a bottle of Hendrick’s. When you move out so do the quality brands, in their place are supermarket own brands, which all give you a stinker of a hangover.

6. You realise that your mum has special stain removal powers. 
Nowadays when you spill red wine down your new shirt you are left with little option but to chuck it out.
7. Family pets. 
We all know that when you up sticks it’s not your mum or dad that you miss the most; it’s the family pet.
8. Parents will always come and save you at 3 AM.
Although they may give you a rollicking for it afterwards, you can always rely on your parents to come and rescue you when you’re p*ssed out of your mind in the middle of the night.
9. Who else looks after you when you’re sick? 
When you are living at home you can always count on your mum to bring you a bowl of soup and a Ibuprofen to help you through the darkest of days.
10. It’s your home. 
No matter how long you have been living at your new lodgings for, your parents’ house will always be your real home.
When you finally take the plunge and move out of your parents’ home, it’s all fun and games to begin with – filled with lie-ins, a shorter commute and plenty of drunken nights out. But then, once you’re settled in and the novelty has worn off, you soon realise that bills are a bitch and you secretly miss chilling around the dinner table with your family. But hey, we all have to grow up at some point.
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10 Reasons Why You Wish You’d Never Moved Out Of Your Parents’ House

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