Russian Stylist Proves That Every Woman Is A Queen

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Latvia-based Russian artist and image-designer Konstantin Bogomolov wants to make you over. After moving to Riga from St. Petersburg, Bogomolov opened the Bogomolov Image School that literally changes people–or at least what they look like.
These before and after pics are just the latest examples of Bogomolov’s craft: using “his knowledge of psychology,” “he creates a whole new image, based on the profession and personality of each woman.” The results are nothing if not stunning, and rumor has it, Bogomolov did it for free to prove that every woman can be a queen.
Which transformation do you find the most surprising?
More info: (h/t: brightside)

Valentina, Irkutsk

Valentina, Riga

Tatjana, Tatjana

Tatjana, Maskva

Svetlana, Chelyabinsk

Snieguolė, Kaunas

Pampilija, Chisinov

Onutė, Vilnius

Oksana, Minsk

Natalija, Riga

Natalija, Riga

Natalija, Riga

Natalija, Riga

Marita, Riga

Marija, Moscow

Margarita, Riga

Liudmila, Kiev

Larisa, Irkutsk

Ksenija, Kaliningrad

Juzefa, Riga

Jurgita, Vilnius

Irina, Moscow

Irina, Rostov

Inna, Moscow

Gulnur, Almata

Evgenia, Moscow

Jelena, Moscow

Jelena, Kaliningrad

Jelena, Irkutsk

Alina, Riga

Jekaterina, Moscow

Dinara, Almata

Dace, Riga

Alīna, Riga

Andīna, Riga

Natalija, Riga


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Russian Stylist Proves That Every Woman Is A Queen

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