People Reveal The Most Unrealistic Movie Scenes That Ruined The Entire Film For Them

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We’ve all had that moment when we’re sat in the cinema, watching an incredible film, and enjoying everything about the movie, when out of nowhere, a character is suddenly able to defy the laws of physics, medical science and common sense, that it completely goes against everything you’ve just watched for the past two hours.
The fact is, even if you’re watching a sci-fi movie set in a galaxy far, far away, if something happens that is just so ridiculous, your concentration will be broken, and it can ruin the entire film.
The truth is, you’ve dedicated so much of yourself to the movie that you honestly feel like it’s cheated on you.
For me, it was definitely when I saw Prometheus. So she effectively gives herself a c-section to remove a baby alien, and the next moment, she’s sprinting down a corridor evading a bigger alien. I’m calling bullshit. Even on an alien-invaded spaceship, that would not happen.
A Reddit thread recently posed the question, “What is the least realistic scene in any movie, ever?”, and very quickly, the people of the internet took to their keyboards to complain about all those scenes that were just too coincidental, too unbelievable and too bullshit to get on board with.
Some were legit, others were hilarious, but all of them have been niggling at us since we first saw them;
“The amazing spiderman, when he uses Bing instead of Google.”
“In Superbad when Emma Stone walks away with Jonah Hill.”
“Having a Battle of the Bands in the morning on a weekday at a sold-out venue where one of the groups is led by a fake substitute teacher with a bunch of 10 year old performers.
Doesn’t change the fact that I love that movie and the Broadway show.”
“In 50 shades of gray when Anastasia Steel gets a job right out of college.”
“James Bond rapes Pussy Galore in a barn. She decides she’s cool with it and apparently no longer a lesbian. Audience cheers.”

“When Kylo Ren couldn’t handle Rey or Finn but he can stop a blaster in mid-air for the longest time”
“This one. I’m sorry.”
“Skyfall, where the villain orchestrates a situation where he’s going to kill James Bond… by dropping a train on him. A whole train.
So he planned his diabolical escape so well that he knew Bond was going to be stood on that spot, and he also had a bomb so… yeah, we’ll rely on split-second timing (and UK train time-keeping) to blow-up the train tracks and drop an entire tube train full of passengers onto him.
I didn’t physically walk out of the cinema at that point, but mentally I did. It took me back to Pierce Brosnan’s invisible car. From gritty re-boot to Austin Powers in 30 seconds. Ugh.”
“The one where Jack Black got a girlfriend.
I love the guy, but seriously…”
“Get angry and fly around the earth. Somehow, despite not touching the earth, you will make the earth spin backwards. And we all know what happens when the earth spins backwards: time goes backwards too.”
Others took the term “movie” to mean absolutely any movie they have ever seen;
“Any porno where the cable guy shows up on time”
“I don’t believe she actually enjoys having all that cum on her face.”
To be fair, they have a point.
Like I say, it doesn’t matter if the film is a fantasy action flick, if some utter nonsense is forced onto the audience, they will notice, and overall, it will damage the reputation of that movie forever.
Although, that basketball scene was not to blame for Catwoman becoming a renowned flop… All 104 minutes of the bloody film was terrible.
Oh, and finally, anytime this guy got a fit girlfriend;
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People Reveal The Most Unrealistic Movie Scenes That Ruined The Entire Film For Them

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