17 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

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Sometimes I feel as though I am the unluckiest person in the world. If you believe in the power of the universe and all of that stuff then you could probably argue that I bring it all on myself. I love a good moan about everything that’s going wrong in my life and the people that are annoying me. I know, I know… I should change my attitude and life would be an array of sunshine and rainbows. Either way, these 17 people are having a worse day than me and probably you too.
1. Gotta have me some lasagna 
This poor soul may have perfected the art of cooking by attending cooking schools or learning different recipes but she’s extremely clumsy which, ultimately, did not work in her favour.
2. Leggings for Barbie
You may think you know everything about clothing but it doesn’t matter how many fashion schools you attend, you sincerely cannot judge the size of an item of clothing online. Best to stick to real-life shopping.
3. Doorknob 
Don’t judge the guy too quickly, he may have been the best damn doorknob in the whole of the world. You may see him at one of the many famous art schools in NYC before pursuing an acting career one day.
4. Dilemma 
Where is the common sense these days? Good thing she called the fire department.
5. Painting fail
Oh bother! In future, it’s probably best to just call an interior painting company.
6. Ice cream on the ground
This is what happens when you’re greedy! It’s all about self control.
6. Delicious soap
Imagine taking a big mouthful of body wash soap. That looks like something I would do because I’m addicted to chocolate .
7. Worst way to lock yourself out
This is probably the worst possible thing that could happen while locking your door. You’re essentially snookered. Guess you’ll have to call a locksmith.
8. Nap time
I hope this person has learned her lesson. What’s the cure for a massive sun burn? A cold shower and a gentle scrub with body wash soap.
9. Instant fail
This person hasn’t even done their driving test yet and already they’re crashing into the wall. I guess calling an automobile accident attorneys office could solve this problem but it is safe to say they’ll fail their upcoming test.
10. Bath time
There is no chance this can be fixed without a professional. Too bad I don’t know this person, otherwise I would have offered them my plumbing company information.
11. Fruit or veg?
You would think the difference between a pear and a potato would be more noticeable! Do people really need to attend cooking schools in order to decipher basic fruits and veg these days?
12. Who you gonna call?
This guy needs an emergency hair restoration asap! Alternatively, he should take a sick day to avoid embarrassement.
13. Porcupine trouble
This does not look like fun at all.
14. Cheesecake < floor
As said before, it doesn’t matter how many cooking schools you attend, it still doesn’t cure the curse of clumsiness.
15. The latest iPad
Imagine unwrapping the latest iPad, only to drop it exactly one day later. I suppose a store could do a quick appliance repair, but what a waste of money and time. The worst!
16. T minus 16 hours
I guess this guy’s pants will be reeking of beer for the next 16 hours. Maybe he shouldn’t have had that last beer. Alcohol addiction rehab?
17. Art work
This could potentially be a piece of art, to be honest. If this person was attending one of the awesome art schools in NYC for example, this would have been really cool as opposed to an accident.
It’s fair to say that the people in these images are winning at life. Speaking of accidents, this guy in Russia accidentally ended up in a huge hole while driving his car. Can you say “auto accidents attorney“?

Goodness me, that accident looks like a serious inconvenience. Luckily no one was hurt during it.
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17 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

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