14+ Kissing Animals Prove That Kisses Aren’t Just For People

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Is true love the dominion of people alone, or can animals love, too? After all, there are many examples of animals that mate for life: crows, swans, wolves, gibbons. So if animals can fall in love, maybe they also like smooching their beloved? As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s ok to suspend your disbelief!
This collection of animal lovebirds will make your heart melt, and force you to watch a shmoopy Disney movie with anthropomorphized critters. Which couple is the most in love? Be Cupid’s judge, or, if you have any cute photos of animals necking, submit them below!

A little kiss

When my girfriend starts kissing my neck

Macaw Kiss

Kissing Quokkas

I must kiss you

Deer Couple

African Elephant Love

Red Pandas kiss

That awkward first kiss

Foxes In Love

Owls Kissing

Two apes enjoy an intimate moment together

Kissing a koi


Love in the Woods

Otters kissing

couple parrot

Kiss and Say Goodbye

Sweet Kiss


Let me give you a little kiss

Cute couple


family kiss

even pigeons feel it

Snail Kiss


First Kiss

Deers Kissing

Two Dolphins Kissing

The Kiss

Two squirrels kissing

Motherly Love

lovely flamingos

Sealion Romance


This is love

The Kiss

Kiss Dogs

Sweet Love

Cow Love

Kissing Elephant Seals


The kiss

kissy face

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14+ Kissing Animals Prove That Kisses Aren’t Just For People

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