Fight Fatty Liver With These Incredible Natural Remedies

Fatty liver is a reversible condition where large triglyceride fat vacuoles accumulate in liver cells. The scientific name for fatty liver is hepatic steatosis characterized by fat accumulation in the liver. Depending on the severity of each case, this accumulation affects liver functions, swelling and damaging body tissues and cells. Patients may end up with

4 Tea Tree Oil Masks for Hair Loss – Step To Health

Tea tree oil is a common ingredient in home treatments to prevent hair loss and strengthen hair. It’s been used for centuries to fight scalp infections, dandruff, and dryness. Today it’s easy to find it in pharmacies or health food stores. It’s a great option if you’re experiencing hair loss and it looks dull and

This Is Julia Child’s Infamous Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Recipe

Food & Recipes If it’s good enough for Julia Child, it’s good enough for the rest of us! Augusta Statz 2018-05-20 Adobe If there’s anyone you should trust when it comes to food, it’s Julia Child. The chef became famous for bringing French recipes into American culture via her lively TV shows and cookbooks. In

Make These 7 Fun Crafts With Boxes – Step To Health

Creating with boxes and decorating spaces in the home is an easy and fun way to create our own decor. The boxes can be made from wood or even cardboard. Both are very easy to get and you can choose them depending on how you plan to use them. Cardboard boxes have many shapes and