Learn How to Make A Delicious Lemon Cream Pie – Step To Health

Making an exquisite lemon cream pie doesn’t just mean offering something heavenly. Lemon is well-known for being a citrus fruit that provides many benefits to the body. Therefore, what better way to eat this fruit than to have it in desserts? Its versatility makes it easy to prepare and to combine with other ingredients. You can

Onion Juice: How to Extract it and its Uses – Step to Health

Onion juice is excellent for treating burns, insect bites and strengthens hair. This loved and hated vegetable belongs to the Liliaceae family — due to its strong smell — is generally only used as a condiment to prepare meals in every household worldwide. However, onions are much more than that. Although not a lot of

14 Signs That Indicate High Cortisol Levels – Step To Health

What is cortisol? Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced in the cortex of the adrenal glands. It predominately regulates the immune system. This is the hormone that increases glucose levels in stressful situations so that your body has enough energy to cope. This is why it is known as the stress hormone. But what

Alternative Uses for Ice Cubes

In addition to chilling or decorating your drinks when it’s cold out, ice cubes have many other uses that will be super helpful once you discover them. Keep reading to find out so that you can enjoy them all! What Can You Use Ice Cubes For? Ice cubes are excellent allies for your health, appearance, and even